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Friday is the DAY

  1. Luara
    I leave Thursday for San Diego and my surgery is to be Friday. I'm so excited and nervous! I've ready about what to expect but of course you never 'really' know until it's you and you go through it. Thanks for the support I've gotten here-I know I'll need it as I move forward.
  2. bettina1968
    Congratulations. Mine is only 2 wks out. Keep us posted with upstairs please
  3. kanderson915
    awesome. Good luck. I had mine done on May 18th. So far so good. I tried eating some pudding today and it didn't feel so good. So i will stick to protein drinks and broth for now. I think taking it slow will be the best bet
  4. Luara
    So far I'm still on chicken broth and gatorade/vitamin water. I've added liquid B-12 + other vitamins for nutrients. I also need to start adding protein.
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