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Traveling Alone?

  1. hd4tm
    So I am unsure if I will have a companion traveling with me to TJ or not... May I please know what you experienced traveling with and without someone you knew? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This will help with my decision, TIA!
  2. Katykate2014
    I didn't go alone but totally could have. About 2 months after I got back one of my friends decided to go. She couldn't afford to bring a companion so she took my word for it that one isn't necessary. She was absolutely fine as well.
  3. tddani4s
    I went alone with no problems, the staff was amazing and I made new friends for life. Once you get there and meet the others who are having surgery, you will be fine.
  4. georgiagirl1227
    I went alone and everything was fine. I was never scared or worried about my safety at all.
  5. MsHarry
    I didn't travel alone, but there were several in my group who did and everything went well. They stayed an extra day in the hospital since they didn't have anyone waiting in the hotel on them. We all hung out together and went walking and ate together when they arrived back. So no worries. I too am a GA girl and could and would have gone alone if I had to. good luck!!
  6. valerie11
    I'm so happy to hear that some of you went alone because that's what I will probably be doing. I'm still very nervous about going to Mexico but the price is to go to pass up and I could never even afford it in the states. I really don't even know where to begin except for reading as much as I can from this site. I wish I knew which doctor I should go to in Mexico. I don't even really know who I should see when I get home. I wonder if a doctor would be hard to get to help with aftercare in the states with him or her knowing that I had surgery in Mexico? theres so much I need to know....Help! lol...
  7. Sunshines4u2
    Hi Valarie11,

    I am also traveling to Mexico alone from FL - my surgery is next week on 4/29. I am not too worried about the travel, a little nervous about the procedure. I decided to go with Dr Almanzo, he is one of the best and I had to pay extra for him but I thought experience is worth a few more bucks! When is your surgery, have you scheduled it yet? Good luck with everything!
  8. Mistersmom
    I will be traveling alone. My surgery is Wed. I'm flying into San Diego on Tues. The only concern I have is the trip home. I don't leave San Diego on Sat. until 7:20 pm and will be traveling all night. I land at 5:21 and then have about a 45 min. drive home. I hope thats not too much.
  9. azladyrider
    I went by myself. Surgery on Thursday morning, one nite at recovery hotel then to my own room at Hotel Ticuan no problems. Flew out on Saturday morning and drove myself home from airport and stopped by a friends house on the way.
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