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  1. Bananna
    I haven heard anyone talk about juicing. I went through the juicing fad and have this great machine. Does juicing have any drawbacks in the liquid stage?
  2. Prophecy86
    I would imagine that the calories and the sugar could be a lot. I didn't have to be on a liquid diet after surgery. So that's all I can tell you. Sorry I can be more helpful!
  3. Pam G
    Pam G
    I was making awesome smoothies with my Vitamix for awhile....until I figured up how much sugar and calories each one had!

    I will probably start using it again, but to make protein drinks or protein soups once I have my sleeve done.
  4. Bananna
    Prophecy86 how did you not have to be on liquid after your surgery?? How can the stomach heal??
  5. JennK
    Iv never heard of no liquid diet post op... did you go straight to pureed?
  6. JennK
    I got myself the nutria bullet, to start on my protein shakes and have for post op liquid diet... am currently looking for ideas other than milky type shakes. Bought the unflavored powder protein today as well. For the most part the machine breaks down everything, I have notices with nuts and small seeds (like berry) it still has tiny chunks... not sure how big a problem that is...
  7. Pam G
    Pam G
    The Bullet won't turn everything into liquid....only a Vitamix or (to a lesser degree) a Ninja can liquefy really hard or fibrous foods.
  8. Healthmyself
    I plan on doing almost all raw non processed food plan eventually and you betcha fresh juicing is going to be a part of it! I love carrot Apple lemonade and to add huge amounts of spinach and Kale. It's super nourishment in my opinion. Now when I look at dead juice ( ie store bought) ....I kinda cringe to be honest. I can tell a difference when it's live phytonutrients. Also love smoothies too....that preserves the fiber for fullness and colon health... But mostly veggies in that. Fruit--- I'd rather eat whole but it's good for a bit of sweet.
  9. Pam G
    Pam G
  10. Pam G
    Pam G
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