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How is everyone doing?

  1. Lyndamarie
    I was wondering how you all are doing? How's recovery/weight loss? I'm down and 33 lbs. I keep losing and gaining the same 2lbs!
    Any tips to jump start?
  2. lgroup
    I am feeling great! Recovery was surprisingly easy for me. I'm down 35 lbs but it's been very slow the last 1-2 weeks. I decided to go back to liquid stage for a day and it helped me. I was having a lot of trouble with going #2 (yes, I'm in pre-school ) but I started taking a probiotic and went liquid for a day and I think I'm back on track.
  3. jdisera
    Well I'm at week 7 Post-op; have lost 55 lbs to date. Started watching what I was eating since the middle of October (2015). The last couple of week I've been averaging 2lb weight loss. I'm finding it difficult not to snack between meals, but I snack on is only what I'm allowed to eat in this high protien diet. I'm making progress but I understand the road is long to get where I need to be weight wise. I started at 276lb and I'm now at 226lbs. My doctor won't set my target weight until my mid April appointment. My personal goal is 185lbs, but I'm sure my doctor will tell me I should be about 165. We will see!
  4. MaryL
    I have lost a total of 30 lbs.
    My primary did my labs and I have
    A few abnormal results. I still have
    Problems tolerating solid foods.
    I know when a eat too much.
    Vomit . Stool is slow. 2x/week.
    I take a stool softner when I know
    I have to go. Take it at bedtime.
    Protein shakes are bad. I chged to
    Protein bars. Much better.
    Weight loss is slow now.
    170lbs. Goal is 140lbs., but whatever
    Is fine. Off bp pills, cholesterol
    Is down.
  5. IrishLass13
    Dec 2nd my surgery. Yes the going is very slow. Up a lb, down a lb.... total of 28 down give or take the one just mentioned. Frustrating that eating such a small amount - and that of quality food (99% of the time) and slow still. Need to reassess after the weekend out of town. Missed one week of the gym but notice pants fitting loose in butt and thighs, waist always last to go.

    In all honesty 28 lbs in 2.5 months... I am thankful but wish faster. I'll try the liquids again and go from there. Progress, no matter how slow is wonderful; admittedly impatient. Skin... by going slow, no problems with loose skin. Taking collagen and vitamins plus exercise... maybe that is helping.

    Good luck to all. I know I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!
  6. MaryL
    That is wonderful
    Good attitude.
  7. SherryI
    Hi all I just joined the group. Congrats to everyone on your weightloss. I am down 29 lbs since surgery on Dec. 15. There were some slow weeks but since I started working out with weights the loss has picked up. I was away for business most of this week and had a hard time getting water and protien in. I got hungry and ate too fast. That was a mistake. I had part of a salmon burger and brocoli. I had a three hour drive after. I was in a lot of pain. When I got home I threw it all up. I still have issues with eating too fast. Especially when work gets busy.
  8. Lyndamarie
    Thank you all for your updates!! I'm so relieved to find I'm normal. lol. I had seen some posts with unbelievable weight lost and thought I was not doing as well as I should. I'm at 187 from start at 243. It does feel like slow going but the progress is being made. I've recently noticed some scary hair loss though. Anyone else?
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