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Port? Hole in stomach?

  1. JennK
    I was watching that horrible video about Dr. A in Mexico, wether he is to blame or not was unclear, however I do have a question about the port that lady had hanging out of her stomach..... Whats the deal with that??!! Is that normal.. i havent heard anything about a port or drain or hole before....
  2. QueenMK
    What video are you talking about?
  3. JennK
  4. Tomesha
    I saw that also, but people can have complications at any hospital, here in the states is no exception.
  5. brandyr
    I had a drain for 1 day and they took it out before I left the hospital.
  6. sasweet1
    You will have a drain for two days after surgery. They will take it out on the 3rd day. It's just a rubber hose with a bulb on the end that comes out of the largest incision that is slightly to the left of center in your abdomen and facilitates draining fluid from the surgical procedure. It's necessary to the healing process. By the time they take it out, you will be producing very little fluid. It's no big deal. Just slightly inconvenient, but it's necessary and it doesn't stay in very long.
  7. sasweet1
    A port is something different. That's what will be installed if you have a Lap Band. It will be under the skin and it is where fluid is injected to your band to increase or decrease your restriction.
  8. Stephanie11
    I didn't have a drain after surgery. That's strange...I don't know anyone else who has had a drain with a sleeve?
  9. kassie7380
    I just had surgery on 4/28/16. I had a drain in for two days. It hangs out of your stomach, it is not that big of a deal. The only part that felt uncomfortable was when they pulled it out.
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