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getting Nervous

  1. kanderson915
    Oh man I'm getting nervous. I am scheduled for May 18th. Any advice???
  2. Seheller
    Relax! Follow pre op diet, be ready for a change of mindset and follow post op diet. Best decision you'll make.
  3. Erikaash
    You'll be fine! It'll be an adventure! Where are you getting sleeved?
  4. Lolo2
    Everyone is nervous, I had little discomfort was up and walking next day. Just concentrate on where u will be a couple of days after. I was on a plane ride home like nothing happened just a little bloated from the gas. Take gas X with u and take the mandatory heartburn meds for 6 weeks. GL
  5. kanderson915
    I will be getting sleeved in Tijuana with Dr. Velazquez. I hear he is not taking any new surgeries so I'm really nervous that something was wrong
  6. sheronep
    Why is he not taking any more patients?
  7. foreversmiling21
    I asked them that question. The response they gave me is that he was not very personable and was busy so did not have time to meet with his patients and since people are coming from the states they want someone who is going to meet with their patients before surgery so they are more comfortable.
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