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What are you doing to prepare for surgery?

    What are you packing for your trip? Where are you having surgery?

    I am having surgery in Mexico by Mario Almanza. I have not yet begun to pack but I have been watching several youtube videos, gathering tips for packing.
  2. JennK
    Im doing mine in Miami, not too far from me. so not much packing... but lots of research so I can have a better idea of that to expect. Reading lots of posts/blogs, watching YouTube vids, looking up drinks and recipes, bought a Nutri Bullet so I can make my own drinks.... Excited and dreading it all at the same time.
  3. Andria
    Hello! I've just gotten insurance approval and will be doing my surgery in April also. I'm doing mine in Istanbul, Turkey, but thank goodness I live here. The hospital is only blocks from my house. I'm waiting until April because I have a school break then.
  4. shymamichula
    I too am having my surgery in April I think some loose fitting dresses will be ok.
  5. SweetCaroline
    I am also having my surgery in Mexico: Dr. Ariel Ortiz. I am packing: Chapstick, heating pad w/extra extension chord, comfy-leggings/loose shirt to wear on the flight home, slippers, sweater, basic toiletries, gas-x strips, maybe some herbal decaf teabags for water. I know I'm missing some things but off the top of my head I can't think of them.......would love tips!
  6. Mistersmom
    I'm scheduled for my surgery April 27 with Dr. Almanza in Mexico. I'm so glad I found this group, I never thought of herbal teabags. I live in Fl. and I'm not looking forward to the flight home. I know that's going to be a long day.
  7. shymamichula
    I too live in Florida and I don't understand why it takes so long for us to come back home. There are no direct flights. I come back on the 29th of April.
  8. Andria
    I've been reading about bone broth. I've decided to make some up ahead of time and freeze it. My friend suggested freezing it in ice cube trays before storing them in ziplock freezer bags. Because I live in Turkey, there are things I can't get here, like sugar-free jello and varieties of protein powder. Luckily my sister is coming from the US and bringing a suitcase full of things for me. I'm scouring this site to see if there is anything I'm not thinking of that I might need. Getting excited. Getting anxious. Feeling hopeful.
  9. JennK
    how are you making your bone broths?
  10. Lori Pensel
    Lori Pensel
    How long is everyones liquid pre op diet? My surgery is on the 4th and I am on day 2 of mine.
  11. aggiechristine
    @Lori, mine is two weeks of liquid pre-op. My surgery is on the 4th too, so I start the liquids on March 21st.
    I have changed my surgery date to April 25th. I have a 3 day pre diet requirement.
  13. aggiechristine
    Today started my two weeks preop liquid diet. My mom was super sweet and made me chicken bone broth, which will be "lunch" and "dinner.". I'm allowed 3-5 high protein, low carb, shakes a day and have GNC lean 25 and EASvantage (I think, it's Wal-Mart brand). My breakfast GNC brand one was pretty okay. Good luck to y'all!
  14. SweetCaroline
    I have 14 days of high-protein diet: 3-4 protein drinks/day, unlimited green-leafy veggies(<<<<don't see me doing that!), sugar-free jello, sugar free popsicles, water, water, more water. Then 3 days pre-op - all liquid diet.
    Unfortunately, I should have started the diet this passed weds. and didn't (completely). I've done the protein shakes but had protein/veggies and dinner. I was on spring break vacay with the family and chose to do this- even though I feel ridiculously guilty about it.
    But today - and every day forward: it's all about following the rules. I'd hate to fly to Mexico only to have to put surgery off because I didn't shrink my liver like I need to. Not that this pre-op diet is a breeze: if I had self-control, I wouldn't need the surgery!
    One day at a time.......
  15. NewLeaf
    My surgery is April 5th. Before that it is 2 weeks of 1,200 calories per day (on my 2nd week of this now), then for 3 days just before surgery, all liquid.
  16. Ahumburg
    I have 2weeks of high protein low carb diet (2 protein shakes and a 400 calorie meal) loads of water and no caffeine at all. My surgery is April 12. This is hard with 3 kids that are constantly saying mom do you want this?
  17. brandyr
    I began my preop diet yesterday. Mine is not all liquids though? I'm supposed to eat vegetarian, low-fat, low-sugar until the night before surgery. I am taste testing shakes though for after!
  18. Kajunguy
    I've been on the 2 week pre-op diet for 11 days and thank God its not a liquid diet. I eat 5 times a day small portions. Three meals 4oz.protien and 2oz raw veg or 1 oz cooked veg. Two snacks 1 oz nuts and 4 oz fruit for mid midmorning and Greek yogurt with 2 oz. fruit midday. I cut out the fruit 5 days before surgery.
  19. kassie7380
    What clothing did you guys pack? I was thinking about dresses..since it isn't tight around your stomach like capri's or shorts. Where are the stitches located more higher by breasts or lower?
  20. freeme
    My date is 6/4. I have to lose 10 pounds before that date. I have a followup with the surgeon on 4/25. I am trying to get as much info, ideas, recipes for after the surgery and liquid stage. Good Luck to everyone having the surgery
  21. sasweet1
    Loose dresses will be good. But loose track pants or leggings and a big Tee shirt or top are good too. You incisions are mostly above your waist. There is an incision that is right under your left breast that makes wearing a bra kinda tricky unless it's a nice comfy bra. I chose to go commando for bras!!
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