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Ruined Sleeve?

  1. bpulli1
    I think I have ruined my sleeve. I am only losing 4-6 lbs a month after the 1st month and I can eat pretty good bit. At first I couldn't eat but a few bits. Some stuff takes me a really long time to eat but some things I can just eat (pizza). I normally don't eat pizza but sometimes if that is what the family eat I would eat a bite but last night I was able to eat a whole slice with no problems. Same with the protein shakes I use to sit with it for a couple of hours but now I can drink it in one sitting.
  2. Sleeved W Pfynss
    Sleeved W Pfynss
    Check to see what size he created your sleeve. Not to alarm you, but I was told that Dr. Oritz makes his sleeves larger then other Dr.s. My Dr. restricted my sleeve to the lowest allowed thereby 85% of my stomach impacted leaving only 15 % capacity. Its my understanding that Dr. Oritz only impacts about 65% of the entire stomach. So call and have discussion with your coordinator about this.

  3. BillyJ
    Are you exercising? Walking? Drinking your 64 oz? Just because your stomach is allowing you to eat doesn't mean that you should. I would check with your surgeon and see how much space he left available to you.
  4. bpulli1
  5. bpulli1
    Exercise yes, Water not even close. I get about 16 to 32 oz a day.
  6. Fae
    bpulli1, are you still concerned that you've ruined your sleeve? Just today I watched a you-tube video about bougie size and how with the larger sizes the stomach can hold more. But you're still losing slowly, 4-6 pounds a week. I hope that losing slowly like that will leave me with less loose skin, since I'm 61. On the other hand, yes we do want that fast weight loss for the first few months. I'm on post-op day 9. I believe I slowed my weight loss some by eating bites of forbidden foods too early. Last night I wanted to chew, I wanted crunchy, I wanted sweet, I wanted salty. So I slowly ate about 1/3 cup of honey cheerios (no milk). Then one and a half pickle spears that have been in the fridge for a while and were a little wilted but good! Even drank about an ounce of pickle juice--so sour, so good! I asked my surgeon what size bougie I had. He said "36, I believe you'll like that". So I have more stomach capacity than someone with a size 32 or 34, and that's probably a good thing. I've lost 14 pounds since surgery 9-25. I believe I could have lost more by now, a couple of times I was worried I had injured this healing tummy (like the night I chewed to death 2 or 3 small bites of pork chop and ate them or when I ate a small piece of baked wiener on post-op day 4). But all seems OK. I have given myself a little tummy ache a time or two so I'm done with all that. I'll wait. So it does sound like you've lost some of your restriction as you healed, and you may now have to start more watching what you eat. Good luck with everything.
  7. msbee
    Dont feel bad .ive read several blogs and I ve seen ppl who has lost 64 lbs by month 3.im 3 months out and I can tolerate everthing with a few exceptions I dont have any loose skin but ive only lost 10lb a month. .this is very slow but everyone says its fine.i have lost inches but I feel behind. But everyone is different just eat right. I have squeezed a 30 min workout this month hopefully I will lose more by month 4.
  8. abuela
    Yes what is the weightloss rate ....ive list 30 lbs so far i was305 now im 275...what should we lose per month
  9. Phoenixrise
    You didn't ruin your sleeve it is all about he size of the bougie which btw is not an exact science. A doctor can use a 32 and another can use a 34 and they both can make the same size sleeve. Your sleeve could be on the bigger side if so you will have to put in more work than someone who has a smaller size. I had lost a lot of wait but when i recently went to my radiology appointment I found out I stretched my sleeve. If your eating too much in one sitting you can strectch the sleeve out. Also they have slider foods, foods you can eat a lot of like Ice Cream and Cereal which will make you not loose a lot of weight. Stay away from slider foods try to follow a diet if you can.
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