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  1. abuela
    Hello everybody
    I was sleeved on 3-7-16...im having problems with my water intake any suggestions? I used to drink like a fish now im like a dessert. ..i love water and i hate sipping its so hard...very frustrating
  2. Drea335
    I was sleeved on 3-8-16...and I thought I was the only one with the water. I used to drink like a fish to, I am also at the puree stage and really having a problem..any good receipes or suggestions.
  3. Fat No More2
    Fat No More2
    Me too. I to use to drink a ton, now I barely even have to pee.
    I'm starting to buy the large trader joes water & make sure I get those 52 oz min/ day
    My prob is I eat small freq meals and we can't drink h2o for 30 min after...,so less time for fluids
    I'm finally able to eat real food...its been a process
  4. Romandona
    I bought a 40 ounce bottle at Walmart and fill it at work each morning. I try to drink the 40 ounces by 1pm, constantly sipping from a pretty mug. Then I fill it again. I take it home and use that water the rest of the evening, even making tea. It's usually gone by 7pm. You can do it. I'm getting 80 ounces a day.
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