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March 31st with Velasquez 💁🏽

  1. Adaeze
    I literally made this decision in less than a week. I been having bad anxiety as I was supposed to be preparing for mega liposuction with fat grafting in Columbia on the 24 of this month. I've been getting reports of colleagues dying left and right behind liposuction. I can imagine leaving my family in that manner, and my hubby wasn't in support of it, but when I brought this up to my hubby he was surprisingly supportive. He is now is preparing for me to make "tiny meals" I told him I won't starve him lol🙄
  2. Bananna
    Me too! I arrive at noon on the 30th.
  3. Adaeze
    I arrive at the same time.
  4. Bananna
    What time does your flight get in?
  5. Adaeze
    12 pm
  6. Adaeze
    I'm out of surgery , the first night was horrible , learned that the group I came with not everyone is supportive even though they came for the same reason!
    Taking pictures of me behind my back and talking crap about me. Sigh, I could post names but you know who you are.
    I'm feeling much better and going for leak tests tommor.
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