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Resleeve on March 23rd Dr Garcia

  1. SecondTimeAround
    Hello all,
    I'm excited about traveling to Mexico and being
    Resleeved with Dr Garcia.
    I was sleeved on 09/12 and had hiatal hernia repair.
    With recent imaging on January 2016 I
    Found out that I was either not sleeved and
    Had just hernia repair surgery or after my
    Baby my stomach stretched out and original surgery
    Was left too large.
    Either way I'm excited about havent it done
    Again possibly or for the first time and getting to
    Goal and maintaining!
    Blessing and speedy recoveries to you all :-)

  2. Purple Queen
    Purple Queen
    Hi Angela, I share your enthusiasm as I prepare for mine tomorrow. Right now I am waiting for my transfer flight from Phoenix to San Diego and I'm so happy I have an opportunity to wish you as you plan for yours. May the Lord bless you to have a very successful procedure this time around. Angelia
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