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March17th is my date!

  1. Babygirlcub
    Ok, let me be honest.. I'm feeling all these emotions - scared, excited, worried, hopeful. But I am ready. Still on my pre-op diet which is only a vegetarian diet; thank God. I weigh 209lb and am hoping to get healthier this year - I have high blood pressure (hare to control- I'm on 5 HBP meds!). I am pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol and sleep apnea. I have to take potassium pills (which are large) 20 meq daily. So I look with anticipation to be off some of these meds. I'm looking to feel better at 50 years of age, lol. I thank God for this forum.
  2. Purple Queen
    Purple Queen
    Hi Babygirlclub, I completely understand your emotions right now I feel some of the same way. I am on a lot of medications that I am hoping to come off of after I have lost some weight as well. I am also very thankful for this forum, it does help to have others who are experiencing the same things that we are and who can relate. I will be having my surgery on the 15th in Tijuana Mexico. Wherebwill you have your surgery?
  3. Babygirlcub
    I live in the Dallas, Texas area. My surgery will be at Baylor in Frisco Texas. Thanks for the reply too and blessings to you on your surgery.
  4. Happy1965
    My surgery date is March 18th and I am so happy that I am having the surgery but nervous also, I am also trying to wrap my mind around how small my stomach is going to be.
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