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March 14th is my date!!!! What about overweight and flying!!!!!

  1. goatcory
    I Am on the countdown!!! I am excited and nervous. I stopped taking my multi vitamin yesterday. I have to start my liquid diet on the 8th which is only 7 days away. I am worried about flying not flying itself but being fat and flying. I see all the crap they give fat people about flying and since I have gained so much weight I have not flown. The last time I flew was 2007 and believe me I have EATEN SINCE THEN LOL. Anyone have any suggestions? I am planning on checking in online exactly 24hours before flight to try to get a good seat. What is a good seat for fat people? Will love some insight from anyone that has flown lately. I weight 266 and I am 5 5.
  2. RoDean
    I flew at 273. Five feet five and 1/2 inches. The seat belt was tight but fit under my stomache low on my hips. If your wont buckle as it depends on the airline, call their customer service and ask it it's possible to make a note you need an extension for your seat belt, or order one onlie and bring your own, save the embarassment of asking.
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