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Re-sleeve or revision of sleeve surgery

  1. RoDean
    I had my sleeve surgery done in july of 2013. Over the course of the last 2 years i have lost 80 lbs and managed to keep most of it off. I have gained back 7 lbs that i fight every day. I lose it, i gain it. I have never gotten past 183. When i decided to be resleeved i was at 200.3 lbs. I promised myself i would never see the 200's again and there i was. I was terrified. I have since scheduled my re-sleeve procedure. I need to get my small stomache back. I need to start over and this is the only way i know how. I know what i did wrong the first itme and i know not to make those mistakes again. I need a second chance to get to my goal. I still need to lose over 60 lbs and i cant do it alone.

    I can keep the wight off, i have proven that, i just cant seem to lose anymore no matter what i try. I am doing a 10-day pouche re-set that i found online, i am on day 8, i hope it works and i wont need the surgery, but if it doesn't, i am starting this group because i am still terrified and need all the support i can get.
  2. Canuimagine

    Well, I can't be of any real help to you since my surgery is scheduled for 3/1. I am waiting for the final insurance approval. I am at 275 now and am terrified too, but of different things.

    I wish you the best and hope you don't need more surgery. Thinking of you! :-)
  3. SecondTimeAround
    I'm considering resleeve in Mexico next month.
    I had my sleeve done on 2012 and lost 60lbs and then got pregnant.
    Gained 25lbs back and no matter what I do, I can't lose weight.
    I'm at 180-185 and I went and got an endoscopy done and Dr. Naim said
    It looks like my stomach stretched or the VSG was hardly done.
    I did have an hiatal hernia repaired at the same time.

    I'm cautious because some dr don't want to since I had the hernia.
    However, Dr Alamana said he would and Dr. Naim.

    What did you decide?

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