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Not able to eat enough calories

  1. Wheeldad
    Is anyone else having issues with eating enough calories? I am 4 weeks out from the sleeve surgery and my target calories count per the nutritionist was 2086 per day. According to my caloric test I burn 2670 per day sitting still. My problem is that I barely hit 800 daily and it is almost all protein. No veggies or starches. Thoughts?
  2. Wheeldad
    Let me add I do feel great and am already half way to my goal....but am a little concerned because the doc had stated that it would probably take me 6 months to the half way point and a little more than a year to reach my goal
  3. xena7158
    Well this place seems real quiet - but I'll add my two cents! I'm just over 3 weeks now at time of writing - my NUT did not give me a caloric goal to aim for - just set proteins and water goals. I seem to only get between 500-800 a day, meeting or exceeding both proteins and water goals, and I can't seem to get any more in right now! I've been adding tablespoons of coconut milk to things, to sort of beef up the calories, but other than that, I'm in the same boat!
  4. bangieb
    I am over a year out my calorie intake starting off was 800 and proteins was supposed to be from 60 to 80 gm per day . 64 ounces of water per day. I use the water your body app the chimes off every hour on the hour to remind me to drink water and I track my food intake, calorie intake and protein on my fitness pal app.
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