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New to All of this.

  1. beautifulbrowns

    I'm just starting this and haven't really gotten the approval yet. I believe I am preauthorized, but now I'm going through the steps. This Is My second month following the steps. I want this to be over. I want to hurry and get my body back. Does anyone else feel that way?
  2. Gigi4
    It is tough to answer that one. Our circumstances are different.We all have different doctors so we all had to go through different steps. Some of us went to Mexico, others stayed in the States and still others did it overseas. In doing that some preparation time periods were different. Several of you have talked about it taking months to go through the steps. Me, I qualified with my insurance under "medically necessary" because of all my health issues. So, my wait period was shorter. Do I want to hurry? Not really. Because to succeed in this journey I have to follow the Dr.'s orders EXACTLY which will take time. Will you hate the waiting, YES. I did and still do.. Will you resent [hate] having to have a clear liquid, full liquid, pureed, soft food then solid food diet {in that order, the first three being for two weeks each}...that is a certainty. ] I know you want to get your body back. We all do....we will all tell you to HANG IN THERE....we are here so you can VENT as much as you want because we understand what is going on. Please visit the site to read all the success stories it will help a lot. My surgery was on the 22nd of Jan. so I am still healing. But I have lost weight, I feel more energetic than before, and I keep telling myself that it won't take forever. You are perfectly normal in how you feel. Take care. I have found the journey is worth it.
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