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Dec. slevers

  1. skwid
    I am going to have my surgery on the 30th. I am looking forward to it and I am a little scared. I am day 4 of my pre-op diet. I keep thinking I am doing something wrong. I think I am eating too much at night. I am having one protein bar with my coffee in the morning. A protein shake with a cup of ff milk for lunch. Then at night I have some chicken with some cooked veggies. I am not weighting my protein and not measuring my veggies. I really need to do that. I have two more hoops to jump thru. Hopefully it will be ok.
  2. moonchild
    I wouldn't worry too much about weighing and measuring. Did your nutritionist advise you to measure? I was told to have unlimited amounts of protein shakes, no guidelines on other portions of chicken breast (no skin/no sauce), water-packed tuna, turkey, and sugar free/caffeine free beverages. I'm also allowed sugar free jello and popsicles but I don't plan on eating those as it will be the majority of what I'll eat post-op and I don't want to get burned out now. I have a friend who went through surgery 3 months ago who barely stuck to the pre-op diet and was fine. Everyone's different and I definitely wouldn't recommend you throw your pre-op diet out the window, but I would be especially cautious the 5 day period before (which happens to include X-mas yikes!). Bottom line is don't beat yourself up and do the best you can.
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