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What date are you scheduled and what do you have left to do?

  1. moonchild
    I'm scheduled for 12/29 pending final approval. I have to do one more nutrition visit and get clearance from my primary physician. I'm nervous about doing the preop diet during Christmas!
    I'm scheduled for 12/11. I've just finishing ordering all of my vitamins and I am yet to find a protein shake that I like - I bought both Chocolate and Vanilla Premier Protein but they are both sooooo sweet. I'll have to keep trying others.

    I am after more ideas for pureed foods so if anyone has ideas, please share!

  3. moonchild
    Have you tried Unjury protein? They have an unflavored variety which you could purée with fat free milk and maybe a soft fruit like banana. Unjury has a $20 trial pack which you get two packets of each flavor they offer to try out. There is a "chicken soup" flavor that might be better if you like savory better. As far as puréed foods, I know of a sleever who would take out the pasta/grains from low sodium/low fat canned soup and then blend the ingredients.
  4. klgnms
    I'm scheduled for Dec. 12th!
  5. Bluebutterfly
    I'm scheduled for 12-11-15
    Cannot wait!
    Ready for a change!!!
    Good luck everyone!!
  6. Bluebutterfly
    I have the premier protein and find it is sweet too. I'm going to cut it with skim milk and water
  7. stayeducated
    I'm scheduled for 12/15 and I'm scared as heck. I have premier shakes from Costco. Any suggestions for vitamins, I don't think I'm going to be able to tolerate those bariatric vitamins. They are to big and hard to chew.
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