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  1. aldugan
    Today is day 13 post-op for me, and I am ready to feeling back to 100%. I have little energy. I can't eat anything…take just a couple bites and I'm full. Sometimes it is still uncomfortable to swallow; especially my meds. Still can't drink a lot of water without getting nauseated…only able to really drink gatorade. So tired of broth! I even question my decision of having the surgery…not that I can change it. Then I see results from the weight coming off and I'm excited. I'm just ready to enjoy a meal again with my family.
  2. KaychieB
    That EXACTLY how I was feeling and reason why I went to the ER and found out I had a leak!
  3. tyson_inga
    It'll pass. Just stay true and it'll get better day by day.
  4. Suzie B
    Suzie B
    It will pass, I am on day 51 and still feel restriction with solid foods. Just a couple of small bites and I'm done. Liquids are still much easier. Premier protein shakes are my go to as well as chicken with stars soup, cream soups were a little hard for me as well in the beginning. You can also try different soups like won ton and vegi soup then just strain out the solids and drink the clear soup. Are you crushing your meds? It taste awful but if you mix with apple juice or in a spoonful of apple sauce it makes it bearable. Hang in there your body will let you know when it is ready for new foods. I know I had to bounce back to liquids multiple times before I could even handle yogurt or cottage cheese. Good luck .
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