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  1. Delgado2000
    I'm 3 days out of surgery and wondering how much longer is it going to hurt when you drink fluids or jello??? It hurts as it goes down. I know everything swollen but it's horrible feeling. Thanks for your help!!
  2. TrudyL
    I found small sips was best for me. I'm over a year post op now and I can still "feel" things go down and still can't guzzle any drinks. Keep walking and moving and you should feel better very soon!
  3. Jmichelle
    I hated the gurgles. I can tell you with confidance, that it does get better. I'm six weeks out now and at around the second week, it wasn't as bad. If you're holding water in your mouth before swallowing, you are getting a bit of air in with it which is more uncomfortable. I found myself doing that from time to time. The gurgles and the pressure will subside.
  4. Delgado2000
    Thank you for your help. Been walking a lot. I've caught myself holding my drink in my mouth then swallowing. I will stop.
  5. Crybaby
    If it hurts for that stuff to go down, your esophogus is probably still really swollen. Go back to ice chips and Popsicles for a bit. It will help. I am close to 3 weeks out now, and I still eat ice chips to help get my fluid in take it slow
  6. ChefMissy
    I agree about taking smalls sips. I am almost seven weeks out. I could begin taking more normal size swallows of fluids at about three weeks out. Also, if you are not taking Prilosec, definitely do so. All Dr. Almanza gave our group was some nasty milk of magnesia. I found out at about two weeks out that most surgeons recommend sleeve patients to take Prilosec daily for at least six months to a year. I felt completely different (so much better) after I started on it. I think it helped with my stomach inflammation. I know everyone says this... but it really does get a little better every day.
  7. dhopkins56
    I already take Prilosec. Worried about taking such a large capsule post op
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