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Clothes to wear home

  1. GoAllTheWeigh
    Should I bring loose pants/sweats with elastic? Should I bring a bra that closes in the front? Or just go commando? Will I be too sore to have anything touching my stomach? Just wonderin'!
  2. Aquajog
    I just wore loose comfortable clothes to the hospital and wore the same ones home..I did wear a comfortable back closing sports bra but had help putting it on .. Do take a pillow for tour trip home to hold over your stomach
  3. Luann
    Pants & panties no problem, I did make sure everything was loose fitting.
    The bra might be a problem. I thought it was ok but it pressed on the top incision - inflamed the incision a bit.
    I got a couple outfits in bigger sizes than I had been wearing, not because I like to waste $ but from gaining so much weight (& being too stubborn to buy bigger clothes for the past 8 months) everything I had was way too small. I needed to be in Mexico 5 days for my surgery. People told me I would not be larger from the surgery - maybe true but I had been having to pour myself into my clothes. No way I could handle fastening those jeans on a post op body.
    Having clothes touch your stomach is ok but nothing binding!
  4. Joy48
    Sweats are great or some loose fitting pants same with the top .I wore a Jeanie bra which is just a pull over sports bra. I guess I was a good case because I did not have much pain after surgery and I was up and moving around the next day and my plane ride was fine no pillow needed make sure you take some Gatorade G2 clear it can be frost as long as you can see through it. Good luck and Welcome to the sleeved side.
  5. amt5298
    i wore loose fitting pants and baggy shirt i could not wear my bra cause i was so bloated it would not fit around me to clip i actually gained six pounds while in the hospital from all the gas and saline they had pumped into me
  6. kmvalade
    I've had many abdominal surgeries. I always go in with my pj's on and I wear them home (with a bathrobe). since i'm going to want to take it easy when I get home...i''m not wanting to stress myself with trying to change clothes.
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