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Muscle Milk Powder

  1. Karessa
    Hi! I haven't had my surgery yet. I'm so ready to get it done. I've been drinking Muscle Milk (powder). Has anyone else tried it? I'm still learning about what to eat and not to eat. I'm really not sure it this stuff is okay because I'm not seeing too many people posting anything about it.
  2. Joy48
    I do the muscle milk 100 calorie drinks I have never tried the powder, but it is okay what you want to watch are the sugars and carbs, welcome and good luck
  3. julrs13
    My nutritionist gave us the rule of no more than 5gm of fat, no more than 10gm of carbs and no less than 15gms of protein per serving, when choosing a protein drink. Premier has 30gms of protein and you can buy it at Wal-Mart. You will find it is difficult to get your 70gms of protein/day in if you don't find something with a high protein content in it. This is also very good. It is the one I would recommend. Good Luck!
  4. deangelia
    ISOPURE is 50 grams of protein in 2 scoops and zero sugar and zero carbs. I purchase from Amazon
  5. amt5298
    i drink the muscle milk i just recently also got pure protein chocolate have not tried it yet as i still have muscle milk left only reason i switched is cause it has more protein per scoop than the muscle milk and i am trying to add as much protein as possible as my hair is falling out even though i am getting more than 60 grams of protein a day i have read it happens and you cant stop it from our bodies changing so quickly and it will pass within a few months when my body adjusts to whats happening to it
  6. LittleItalian
    Thank you all for your giving us some insights into the different protein drinks...an the 'rule' to help us with our decision making...GREAT HELP :-)
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