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In the land of sabotage....

  1. 540honey
    I have folks over to visit and they are bringing ice cream and salty chips. Naughty booger stuff. Family knows you are nutribulleting it up. Why tempt me. The smell of the junk is trying to tempt a sister.
  2. Sleevegal2015
    You need to remember what you went through and MAKE A DECISION to succeed and not to FAIL
  3. BillyJ
    Are they bringing it for themselves because they know you no longer buy these things or are they trying to tempt you? Just say "Get thee behind me Satan" next time they come around with that junk. Hopefully, they will get the hint.
  4. Seahawksfan
    Get some carrot sticks and a large bottle of water and carry it with you. It's not always going to sound fun or even be fun but in the long run when you can fit into those smaller jeans, it will all be worth it.
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