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  1. Rosepetals65
    Is there anyone out there besides me who are having nightmares about NOT being able to fit in the seat at the airport? I cant fit in the seats at the movie theater (which is embarrassing) so i just dont go to the movies. But i cant afford not fly to Mexico ... I want my sleeve.

    Do i have pause for concern?
  2. Blingy4u
    I am obese and flew to Vegas and although it was embarrassing I raised the arm rest beside me and asked for extension for my seat belt! They were very accommodating
  3. Nicole660
    I had the same fear, and it is embarrassing to ask for the extension seat belt but I had to do it too. I usually catch one of the flight attendants when I'm getting on the plane and ask quietly, then they bring it to you somewhat discretely. I was lucky that my mom went with me to Mexico and she is a smaller person so I was able to lift the arm rest and use some of her seat to get "comfortable". Planes are uncomfortable for everyone but especially when you don't fit in the seat. Check in to your flight 24 hours before you take off and choose an aisle seat, this provides the greatest room because you can lean out into the aisle so you aren't sitting on top of the person next to you. I made the mistake of choosing a window seat on one flight and was very uncomfortable because there is no extra room. If you have broad shoulders, I have also found that its helpful if you bring something that you can hold in front of you and "look at", it makes it easier to keep your arms tucked in, instead of trying to squeeze them together (that gets tiring). Just remember that the flight there and back, how uncomfortable or embarrassing it may be, will be the last time that you have to worry about not fitting into any seat. It is worth it and you wont regret the decision a year from now! You can do it!! Good luck on your journey
  4. Jmichelle
    Rose petal, i'm feeling a little anxious myself. I can just fit into the belt without an extender, that was the last time i flew, i've gained a tad bit of extra weight, so i may be really pushing it. There is nothing more embarrassing than not fitting in the seat.
  5. martinez88
    honestly I think its better being next to the window... can you imagine hanging out in the aisle while the service cart is passing around? When you get your extension take it with you.... that way you can use it in your next flight and wont be embarrassed to ask. Being at the window you can position yourself to kida sit on your side.... its going to be a little rough but take a pillow to possible hug to make yourself smaller lol... Good luck!
  6. Rosepetals65
    Thanks everyone ... this is the reason i love this site/group the support is unmeasurable.
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