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  1. LumyRainstar
    I am 24, will be 25 in April and I weigh 437 pounds- my all time high. I am seriously considering the gastric sleeve, but I'm nervous about the idea of it. Any advice? I would like to hear about your experiences if you wouldn't mind sharing. Pre op post op, before and after weight/ sizes, and NON SCALE VICTORIES. What's your personal goal, weight wise? What made you decide this was the best choice for you? Any complications?
  2. BlackGirlGamer
    I am 28. I'm not a doctor but I think it would be worth it. I blogged a great deal about my physical, mental and emotion journey on my blog to give you a little preview of some of the interesting things that happen when you start the sleeve journey.

    I had been down to 213 before with a VeryLowCalorie (VLC) diet. but then got back up to my highest weight at 295. I managed to get from 295 to 277 "on my own," but it took about 6 months for that weight loss. That's when I understood that I needed to do something different and stop the yo-yo diet thing so I pursued gastric sleeve. I am at Week 7 and I've gone from 266 day of surgery to 246. I could be losing more than that but have not been physically active. In the past week or so, I made the decision that I needed to dedicate myself to my weight loss and not just rely on the sleeve so I walked about 1.25 mi. For me, eating healthy and exercising- making better decisions- is the victory. My goal is 175-180. My motivation for pulling the trigger, so to speak is my son and my career.

    I had no surgery complications. The surgical sites are healing beautifully. I look and feel better already. The journey isn't easy but it is worth it in my opinion. In our 20's, we have so much of life ahead of us. Why not live it fully?

  3. Hmelms13

    I realize you posted this a bit of time ago, but I figured it couldn't hurt to write back! I'm 26, and I got the sleeve a year ago next month. I went into the surgery weighing 234lbs and am now at 155lbs. My goal weight is somewhere around 135lbs (I am 5'2). Honestly, for the longest time I was against having the surgery. A lot of my hesitation came from feeling like I would be "failing" or that it somehow meant that I was "taking the easy way out." I can assure you that having this surgery is not easy, but I wouldn't change my decision for anything. Also, once I got past feeling like others would judge me and realizing that this was for me, to be healthy and to feel good, I knew the surgery was for me.

    I won't lie, it is a major surgery, and though I was able to go back to work in about a ten days, it took a few months until I felt completely normal. I think the hardest part once you're able to eat solid foods again, is really reacquainting yourself with the foods that feel good to you. One of my cousins had the surgery as well, and some foods that bother him are fine for me, and vice versa. Also, your mind will mess with you a bit, and it still does for me. I look at a portion that I used to eat, and in my head it still feels like I can, so sometimes it's still strange to see that I'm only eating a small portion. As time has gone on for me, however, I eat until I'm full and I'm fine with that, and if I'm hungry later, I know that I can have something else to eat. The funny thing about that statement, is that I've heard it so many times from people while I was trying to lose weight. The sleeve gave me the tool to actually put it into practice!!

    The surgery is quick, the most pain you'll probably feel will be from the gas buildup from the anesthesia! Everyone is different, but I was walking around a few hours after surgery and luckily only had to spend one night in the hospital. A couple days after surgery you'll have the feeling of having done the most intense ab workout of your life, but that will go away within the week. I had a small reaction to the tape they used to cover my incisions, but that is because I have sensitive skin, and as of today, my scars really look like "scratches" as all the surgeons always describe them! haha

    I can honestly say that if you choose to have this surgery, you will feel that you made the right decision. Once you heal and your body recuperates, this will be the best decision you made! Everyday I feel better and healthier, and I promise you will too! There is no reason you should have to struggle and feel bad! I have been on diets and exercise plans all my life with the only goal and need being to be skinny. Now I eat what my body tells me it needs (and sometimes it is a bunch of chocolate because it's that time of the month) and I finally joined a kickboxing class that I was too embarrassed to join before, and I love it! I feel good and it has almost nothing to do with my pant size! Of course that is always going to be a factor, but when I can walk down the street without getting out of breathe or sweating, and I can feel confident about wearing an outfit that I love, and I can fly in a plane (mostly) comfortable! I agree with blackgirlgamer, we're in our 20's and this is when life is beginning! I hope this helped!!
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