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ATTENTION FREE STUFF!! Woo Hoo! Just Ordered Free Samples! Exclusive Offer for Anyone Pre Op/Post Op!

  1. BeenGym'n
    Okay, so I totally didn't think this would work but I was just able to order a bunch of FREE Samples!!!

    Here are the Deets!

    1. Click on the Link Below:
    Bariatric Surgery Diet Foods and Vitamins for a Gastric Bypass Diet

    2. You Click Register and enter Ref. Code: 7308378 OR

    3. Just Click on Live Chat Link (Located on the left hand side of the homepage) and ask about the free samples and an operator will provide the link.

    4. Click on the link and enter your info and Voila! You're FREE Samples will arrive in 8-10 Business Days.

    *FYI* Only 1 Order per household!

    Let me know how this works out for you guys and if you have any issues ordering your free samples.

    Hurry this offer is only good while supplies last!


  2. JBPage
    This one is no longer valid. The code gives you $20 in rewards but you must first spend $75 to redeem them. :-(
  3. Jainee
    Didn't work for me either
  4. Rayer
    Yeah, I couldn't use it either and then I looked at when that post was made... 8-13-2014! Expired
  5. PamelaShelton
    I just logged on and clicked the chat and asked about any samples. They are shipping me samples within 8-10 days....
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