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Over 65

  1. Judy Rathel
    Judy Rathel
    I am planning to take this journey in 2015. Not sure of a date yet. Excited - yes! Who else over 50 has had the sleeve done? How did you do?
  2. robin825
    I am over 50 and had my gastric sleeve Nov 3,2014. So far I am doing fantastic! On stage 4 with my diet.
    Good luck to you!
  3. YaYa
    that's great to hear. My surgery is Nov 26....2 days from now. excited but nervous.
  4. YaYa
    Judy, I'm 60 and having the sleeve surgery in 2 days. I'll keep you posted with how things go!
  5. Fae
    I'm 61 and got my sleeve 9-25-14. I'm doing well, have no regrets. I've lost 39 pounds (including the 9 pounds I lost on pre-op diet). My pants and tops are looser, and I feel better. One biggie for me is that personal care is much easier now. My all time high was 284 when I saw the nutritionist the first time in February. I was 267 when I started the pre-op diet; day of surgery 258; now 228. I haven't weighed 228 in at least 20 years.
  6. Joan3
    Hi, I'm 60 and will have my sleeve done on January 31. Looking forward to reading all about your progress.
  7. dchase62
    Hi I am 52 and having my sleeve done in 3 days will let you know how it goes
  8. Sallyaussies
    I'm 66and had my sleeve done on Nov. 4th.
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