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kiwi girl!

  1. arohaina
    Kia ora!

    New to this ! surgery planned for a months time.
  2. Skibabe
    Awesome! I'm in Hamilton, you? I've got my interviews/meetings on 5th March, hoping to get a surgery date soon after. I wanted to get seen earlier but I couldn't get a baby-sitter any earlier as it takes a whole day. How are you feeling?
  3. arohaina
    Hi Skibabe,

    I'm in Christchurch, - feeling pretty good at the moment as I've seen all the team and am due in for surgery 4th March. I don't start Optifast diet until another two weeks but I have been eating a lot of protein and veges and no carbs the last few weeks to sort of prepare as best I can. I don't eat alot of protein normally and know this is a downfall, but I don't really enjoy meat. Will need to get used to making it a big part of my diet
    I am very excited and a bit impatient, but concentrating on losing as much as I can pre surgery to give myself the best chance of recovery after the op.
    Do you know anyone who has had a sleeve before? Are you telling many people?
  4. Vicssleeve
    Hi! How are you both going arohaina and skibabe? I am in christchurch and having my sleeve surgery on 9th June.
    Only a few days away and I am so excited!
  5. reba_nz
    Hi I am in Christchurch and my surgery is coming up next month. Who was your surgeon Arohaina?
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