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Before Surgery

  1. Second_Chance
    I'm new to this group. What can I do to prepare myself for the surgery?
  2. Aquajog
    When do you expect to have surgery ? One of the things that I did before surgery was stopping drinking soda and caffeine beverages.easier to stop before surgery than after . The other if you do not drink atleast 64 ozs of fluids start increasing fluid intake . Chew your food untilit almost feels like mush in your mouth!
  3. justilou
    I am having surgery on 4th December. I am TRYING to give up caffeine. I don't drink fizzy things, so that won't be a problem I believe that your doctor will give you a special pre-operative diet. I have to drink meal replacement shakes for three weeks. KILL ME NOW!
  4. MKrause80
    I'm on my preop diet now. Surgery is Nov. 4th. It hasn't been too bad and I'm on day 3 and have lost 9lbs since Tuesday. I'm sure most of that is water weight but it still has me pretty excited for the weight loss to come. Good luck on your surgery!
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