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Sleeve in Mexico

  1. Kristy529
    Surgery in two weeks both my son and I will be having the sleeve done....what should I pack....don't want to be without any comforts of home but don't want to over pack.
  2. Bethwowo
    I took a book bag only. I put a change of undies for each day..3 shirts..shorts to sleep in and wear as the weather was perfect. I wore a pair of scrub pants there and those are the pants I wore home. Take a thin jacket for flight home. I was really cold flying home. Congrats and it is awesome there !!!
  3. ABetterBrandi
    Oh jeeze I have a list but I'm OCD.
  4. Lolo2
    Gas X, comfy stretchy clothes, tooth brush and paste, your favorite broth to add hot water in, Gatorade was so nice to sip on once u r allowed to sip, Flip flops, iPad or tablet to stay in touch. if you have an iPhone download a Spanish translator app, mine actually spoke, I would talk English and I would say it in Spanish, it really was handy. GL
  5. thinmeskreamin
    Take Neosporin and oversized bandaids for hotel aft surgery. What they give you is lousy n Neosporin is expensive there. Tablet ,internet a ess at hospital and hotel is free. I took unjury chicken protein powder and unflavored to make or add to broth which gave protein those 1st cpl days. Also hard to get broth at airport. Gas x , chewable multi vitamin 2per day, 3 days worth. All else same as above. Flipflops n comfy clothes . Good luck
  6. BBCorvette18
    They specifically tell you NOT to use neosporin.
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