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I'm scared

  1. anne c
    anne c
    My fears are having saggy skin all over and also the down time after surgery. Anyone have advice?
  2. Sharivsg
    I have heard that if you drink plenty of water and do excerise, you can minimize so it.
  3. Lori C
    Lori C
    Anne, if all goes well you're "down time" should me minimal. Getting used to your new ways of eating will be your biggest challange but you will adjust �� good luck and in less than a year from now you'll be so happy you did this!
  4. thinmeskreamin
    Sagging skin varies by person. Just like rate of weight loss and wether or not you have any hair loss in your travels. What you will find are a lot of folks that are much healthier and more comfortable with themselves, saggy skin or not. In bad cases, insurance will pay for skin removal.
    I don't have a lot. Even though not at goal yet, I just don't have enough to consider surgery unless I was a model. At 49 yrs old ,85 lbs down not a quick looser but making good progress , perhaps it's the slower loss or magic genes.. maybe because I'm pear shaped and have an active job. Who knows why. I do know excersize will be the answer here on out to goal. Not just to keep skin looking tight, but to obtain that ever elusive high school skinny goal I set for myself it's been a rough at times journey I'm so glad I'm on, best decision ever.. Good luck to you.
  5. tinadiva
    Try to get into an exercise program that you will stay in. Drink water, plenty of fluids. Have realistic expectations.
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