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Unable to Afford/Pay for Post WLS Vitamins? Want a Free 3 Mos Supply?

  1. BeenGym'n
    Hey Lovelies!

    I was doing a little research last night (the Lawyer in me ) And, I came across this AMAZING offer where you can get a FREE 3 Month Supply of Post OP Vitamins!

    The Deets Are Below!

    *In order to be approved you have to be going through a financial hardship. (i.e. unemployed, low income, student, etc.) The Grrreat part is no financial information is required. So basically you just need someone in your surgeons office to fill out the form for you and fax it back to the number on the form.

    1. Contact your Doctor's office (surgeon not your PCP)
    2. Speak with the person that scheduled your WLS or a Nurse and ask them to go to the link provided below and have them print and fill out the form. After that they just have to fax it to the number listed on the form and Voila! If approved you will receive a FREE 3 Month Supply of Post OP Chewable Vitamins in 2-4 weeks! (I think as long as the form comes from your surgeons office everyone will be approved!)
    3. Bariatric Advantage - RECOVERŪ Program
    4.Can't afford your vitamins?

    *FYI* Once in a Lifetime Offer aka You can only take advantage of this offer 1 Time!

    Please post feedback about how this worked out for you!

    I hope everyone is able to take advantage of this Awesome Offer!

    I will continue to post free offers daily so please join this group so you can stay informed!


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