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Medical Mutual Insurance?

  1. LLS
    I found out about a week agothat my surgery could potentially be in September! I was super pumped. Then I found out I needed weight documentation from my docs in 2013 and 2014 with BMI of at least 40. Called all docs and got the 2014 weight, but only 1 of my doctors has a weight that's above a 40 for 2013. They however only have it on their demographics screen and the only way to get it is if the nurse will had write progress notes from that date in 2013, and she won't do it.

    My surgery center says she thinks we might be ok without the 2013 date, (since they need just 2 years of weight documentation) but would feel more confident if we had it. I am now a ball of nerves because I don't know what is going to happen. I have medical mutual insurance. Has anyone had a similar situation? I am freaking out, sick to my stomach and crying. I am so close and now this. I am praying it works out!
  2. Aquajog
    If your primary doctor supports your WLS , ask him for notes from your graphics of to write a letter.. His/her nurse will not refuse that request!
  3. LLS
    Great idea! Thanks!
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