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My Weight Tracker

  1. mytime2013
    I had my surgery on 8/13 and on my two week follow up appointment, I had lost 21 lbs. Now, it seems that the scale is stuck. I've been told that I will lose slow becuase I don't have a lot to lose. What did your tracker look like for the frist month or two? What did you do to restart your weight lost? I am up to walking 3 miles a day and drinking about 60 oz of fluids. I take in about 60 - 80g of protein. I need your input!
  2. tinamarie
    Wow!!You're. Doing great!! I also stalled about week 3-4, but I wasn't doing as well as you with protein intake and exercise. After I began watching my protein intake, the weight dropped again. Then I started walking. I seem to lose more if I get my protein by eating rather than counting on protein drinks. I've read many posts confirming a stall around week 3. Good luck!!
  3. happy to be sleeved
    happy to be sleeved
    Hello I am about to start my 4th week and have been stalled since week 3. I dont think there is anything we can do, we just have to follow docs orders and wait. Sounds like you are going above and beyond. Just give it time.
  4. Zzzombrie
    Protein intake is a little high. Be sure it's quality if in supplement form. Whey protein is always best. Might be exercising too much also. Just some thoughts. But I agree to give it a moment. Fat is lost in layers. A stall is more than just a number on the scale. Measure inches too.
  5. natex14
    It sounds like you are normal. We will lose weight slower when we have less to lose, so don't worry about that. Also, stalling is pretty normal about that time frame, so again, no worries.

    Zzzombrie, I disagree with you, that much protein is what we are all supposed to get. Also, walking three miles a day is not a lot of exercise. I ride my bike 100 or more miles a week, so if walking three miles a day is too much then I must be crazy. Throw in some weight training and that will help as well.

    All in all I think you are normal, so no worries, just enjoy the ride.
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