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June 20th.... anyone want to come with me and hold my hand (LOL)

  1. Empress
    Seriously... I am excited and terrified at the same time. I went and applied for my passport today (picking it up Friday) and it's really sinking in now. I have also opted to have my sister stay home instead because I don't want to worry about her being alone the night that I am in the hospital- She is 19 but very naive and I can't have that on my mind. Also for those of you that have led the way... What are some things that I need to take with me?

  2. Tropical angel
    Tropical angel
    You will be just fine.... Be prepared for amazing result.... Wish you already a speedy recovery.
  3. kokopelligirl2
    Gas x. Tablet of some kind if you have one or a book. Loose clothing, drink Gatorade it helps! Good luck on you journey!
  4. BBLovesBB
    Bring earplugs for the weekend party Las Pugas. Bring spending money for shopping. Good luck!
  5. CarlsbadNanny
    Hi Empress! I'm having my sleeve done on June 20, 2014 with Dr. Almanza. I'm going alone. Don't be afraid, I will be there. Maybe we can be roomies. We will rock this procedure!
  6. secretblonde
    find a roomie, and tell the agents... they will book your room together!! dont forget the ear plugs for both the hotel and the hospital... slip on shoes... Gas X !!! maybe a heating pad , but then you might need an extension cord.. and your chargers for all your devices !! good luck on your journey.... you will be fine
  7. Terps
    You'll do great, looking forward to meeting you!
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