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New member…pre-op worries….

  1. lolasleeveana
    Hello all my beautiful sleevers!

    I am just starting the Gastric Sleeve process, I will be starting my 3-month "Doctor Diet" my insurance requires next week and then hopefully i can get approved and get a date. As i do the research, I hear a lot about "protein shakes" and loose skin….is there a certain type of protein shake that is better than the other???

    Let's talk about loose skin….is it really that bad? I plan on working out once I recover from the surgery but I want to know if there are any tricks to reducing the risk of looking like a "flying squirrel" or lots of skin in the belly region….

  2. Phoenixrise
    there is no protein shake that's better than the other one. II honestly didn't drink a protein shake maybe for one week I did but I couldn't stand the taste so I just stop drinking them I feel no need to purchase drinks I'm not going to drink with money.protein is very essential but for me I tried to get protein more out of my food then drink but keep in mind the first few weeks you can't consume any recommended anything due to your tolerance and capacity to hold anything down so you won't be able to get your protein in maybe the first month or two buteach person varies. HOPE THAT HELPS LET ME KNOW
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