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passport/ID and bc

  1. cassieluvscamarieon
    How many of you Used the passport to come back and how many of you just used your birth certificate and ID?
  2. Chonda
    i wasn't taking any chances... I got and used a passport....
  3. janetm
    Passport ... I was arriving into the states from Canada then crossing over to TJ.
  4. CookieHead
    I use my passport often. So I have one and that's what I'm bringing.
  5. thinmeskreamin
    The boarder guards want your passport.. or passport card. Only
  6. bmm35
    I used my passport.
  7. Think
    I used my drivers license and birth certificate in October. No problems and flew right through the Medical Lane. No questions at all.
  8. BBLovesBB
    Hi I'm having surgery in Mexico in May and was wondering has anyone applied for the expedited check in at the airport?
  9. secretblonde
    used birth cert, and drivers license .... but agents REALLY really WANT passport or passcard... Not all the doctors have fast pass or medical pass... and if they dont, then the line can be twice as long..... ours was a 3 hour wait to cross the border ...
  10. cassieluvscamarieon
    I was fine with birth cert and ID. he didn't even question it
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