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New member…pre-op worries….

  1. lolasleeveana
    Hello all my beautiful sleevers!

    I am just starting the Gastric Sleeve process, I will be starting my 3-month "Doctor Diet" my insurance requires next week and then hopefully i can get approved and get a date. As i do the research, I hear a lot about "protein shakes" and loose skin….is there a certain type of protein shake that is better than the other???

    Let's talk about loose skin….is it really that bad? I plan on working out once I recover from the surgery but I want to know if there are any tricks to reducing the risk of looking like a "flying squirrel" or lots of skin in the belly region….


  2. beingforreal16
    There's a good chance of some but once you have done your six weeks of walking then you can start doing a real workout at the gym or from home. I found that building your muscle is the number one thing so eating a lot of protein and some weight lifting is best. I used ensure because of the amount of protein and vitamins it has. We are to get at least 65-80 grams a day. I hope the best for you start finding enjoyment with some healthy foods.
  3. Sharivsg
    I also am starting this journey myself, but I have watched videos and read alot about the shakes, exercise and "water", lots of water helps the skin. You may also want to start taking biotin vitamins now, before surgery. Hair, skin and nails (hair loss).
  4. Shameka
    Loose skin is inevitable. The degree to which the skin sags can be decreased with strength training and adequate protein intake. As for protein shakes, speak with your surgeon about their recommendations. I drink EAS advantedge carb control shakes because I tried them first and loved the taste. That's literally the only reason why I drink them. I haven't been any more adventurous. I also use unjury unflavored protein powder to add protein to almost everything else that I consume during the day. It works really well when mixed with crystal light and one scoop is 21 grams of protein.
    Water, biotin, and vitamin e are your skin's best friend! Get your fill of each everyday.
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