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  1. M$Gemini
    I wanted to know or hear from anyone who has been sleeved and has tattoos. Does it change them?
  2. skinny2be
    I have 4. So far no changes. I have lost 45. I'm sure a lot depends on where they are.
  3. abcd1234
    So far mine are fine but i'm only 40 down. I'm waiting to get fairly close to my goal and get a new one that is meaningful to this major life change. I'm thinking something sexy going down the side of my stomach/abdomin. That's an area I would've never dreamt of tattooing before!
  4. The_Redhead
    It's funny that I came across this post today.
    Earlier today I was looking at tummy tuck pictures on line and there was someone that had a large tattoo prior to their procedure. After their tummy tuck the tat was only 3/4 there. I think they are going to have to add some new ink to that tat.
  5. Ladyinwaiting
    I have two, both seems to be ok so far.
  6. ssc22880
    I have have 4 ans so far they are ok, but shrinking some, kinda look like new ink again as the skin isnt as stretched out. i've lost 71 lbs so far, and they are not in to bad places.
  7. DebbieD
    How funny! I told my daughter just yesterday to commemorate losing 100 lbs. (I'm 5 away) I was going to get my first tattoo at 59. I'm going to get a beautiful butterfly and flower on my inner calf-I want to be able to see it! How do you find a really good artist?
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