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Recovery Time

  1. Dayton
    Hi I am wondering if people can tell me about how long they took before they went back to work, I am trying my best to figure out how much time I would need after my 5 days in Mexico?? should I be off 1 Week or Two Months? I was hoping I would go down have Surgery and be back at work right away? Also what about complications have any of you been have complications after you get home? I am hoping for what looks like May now, Also I have been feeling very scared and nervous are these all normal feelings?? Has there been anyone how is regretting doing this surgery and would advise not to have it? I am considering Dr Lopez in TJ, Coming from Canada
  2. Ginamsnowden
    I went back 1 week after my surgery, everyone told me I would need more time, but I didn't have any, so I went. I drive a school bus (in NH) I put a weight lifting type belt around my waist to help going over all the frost heaves we have up here.. and I was fine, I was tired, but I took it easy during the day between my morning and afternoon bus runs. I think it depends on what you do for work.. For me, a second week would have been nice, but not really necessary..
  3. Chonda
    I had my surgery on a Monday and came back to work a week later... I'm an Office manager so my job doesn't require any heavy lifting or anything strenuous. Only problem I had was sleepy a bit.. but nothing that hindered me from coming back to work that quick. I used A lighter Me and Dr. Elias Ortiz. I had no complications and wonderful care. I had my surgery on Feb 17 and as of today I'm down 38 lbs. I have not regretted my decision yet!! I even went alone and felt 100 percent secure and safe the whole time. Best of luck to you and the best advise I can give you is to follow all the orders pre op and post op and you'll do great...
  4. Bnbdaddy
    I had my surgery on Thursday, and went back to work on Monday.
    Was little tired and a little tender but not too bad.
  5. thinmeskreamin
    I had doctor Lopez . Great experience. Because I work on warehouse in sales and lift n bend all day , I took 2.5 weeks off. If you have a desk job you can go back sooner. Everyone feels different. A lot depends on how well youre eating too. Dr Lopez will sign your work time off for whatever you ask for. Having short term disability I was able to get paid for all time out.
    They repaired a hiatal hernia so I'm still light duty for 6more weeks. The 1st week back was only 3days. I was exhausted
    Second week back was easier.
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