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Currently I am about 260 ponds.

  1. Katelo1234
    How long did it take to actually have the surgery from the first time you guys talked to your doctor also I am 22 do you think that is too young of an age? I just want to be happy with myself and see what my husband sees since I was 12 all I think about is my weight and its frustrating. I have tried every diet known to man.....Has everybody felt this way?
  2. bergamini
    I have tried every diet known to man too The worst part is how difficult they were with a stomach producing hormones begging for food. The nice part of the sleeve is the very minimal hunger I feel. I eat to nourish, not to feel good or stop the hunger now. Big difference in control and food choices, not to mention portions, with that kind of control.
  3. mamaof3
    It took about six months. From the first time I walked in to my surgeons office till sleeve date. 22 is not to young if you are in a stable relationship and stable in life. ( that's my opinion)
    My dr told me I should wait at least a year after my surgery to get pregnant. I have a very close friend that had a baby after her sleeve and she is doing just fine. She had a healthy baby boy and she is a lot smaller still, she's not back to her goal weight yet but she is only maybe 15 lbs away. She didn't gain much during her pregnancy and she made sure she followed her dr's orders to a T.
    I love the new me and so does my husband, but I did not do this for my husband I did this for me. I'm glad I did.
  4. mamaof3
    Oops, ha ha I responded I the wrong post...I combined two different ones, sleepy brain!
  5. ACE
    22 is NOT too young If you have already been struggling with your weight and loosing the battle this is a great option for you no matter how old you are it is always better to be healthy. Give your self this new life and things get better and better Its a great option and a wonderful tool to help get you to where you want to be.
  6. kcbird
    I was self pay so it was only about 6 weeks from my first doctor consultation to my surgery. I didn't start having weight issues until I started having children. But I wish that I had done this much sooner.....of course the sleeve wouldn't have been in existance then!! lol I have lost 28 pounds since the surgery on November 6 and had lost an additional 17 on the preop diet. I feel so much better already.....can only imagine how I will feel in another 45!!!
  7. mooneybeams
    About 2 months for me.
  8. zmdh39
    I was self pay, and had my surgery in Mexico with Dr. Quinones, so once I found my doctor is was only about a month. I spent a year researching though. I am only 26, and not I do not think 22 is too young as long as you do your research and are willing to make the lifestyle changes you have to make. I honestly think the sooner a person who needs the surgery the better. For me, I figured the longer I waited the more wight I would have to lose, and that my body, since I am a smoker, would not tolerate the surgery as well if I had it a few years down the road. Whatever you choose I wish you the best!
  9. MissouriJen
    22 isn't too young.... I envy you. You can do it whenever you want, if you go to Mexico and self-pay. That's what I did, because my husband's insurance said NO.
  10. agelessongbird82
    I walked into my drs on january 17th and i had my surgery april 10th. so about 3 months.
  11. smcd23
    I'm 25 you are not too young. I started this whole thing 4 months ago and surgery is on Wednesday!!! Good luck!
  12. JoelleH
    I self paid my surgery, and it was a quick decision, saw the doctor on Monday and had my surgery on Friday!
    regarding your age, well go for it! you're lucky you're this young! you will be saving your 20's and your risk on having extra skin is less as your skin is still firm and can shrink as your size is shrinking.
    I just had the surgery 3 month ago, and I lost 22kg or whats around 48lbs, and life feels way better already!
    Good luck!
  13. jolund01
    I am 23 and just had the sleeve. Doctor said I would probably heal quicker. I am right there with you. I wanted to see what my husband sees in me. I am two months post op and 44 pounds lighter...much easier to take a compliment from him now
  14. princessdi
    Im 22 and was sleeved last friday! Go for it!
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