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Pre Op

  1. bailey1987
    I am going through the 6 months of visiting the dietcian monthly that Kaiser requires before the surgery. They will require that you loss a certain amount of weight prior to the surgery. I am having my lap band removed and having a hernia repaired wwhen I have the sleeve. I am new to the group and I will need all the support to get through this surgery. i will probably be having the surgery in July or August 2014.
  2. southernchick
    I'm here. ..we are all here to support each other! !
  3. Dplewis
    I'm here to support.
  4. keish_lorraine

    I'm pre-op as well. I am completing the last of my nutrition and education classes on June 11. I'm likely to be a Late June or Early July sleever. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
  5. bailey1987
    I am going through the last of the requirements for Kaiser, it is a long process it can be stressful but I am hanging in there. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I am having a revision from the lap band to the sleeve. The waiting period for the surgery in the PG county, Md area for Kaiser is 2-3 months after you have been approved by the commitee. So I hope to have my surgery in July or August. I will keep you posted.
  6. Browneyez006
    Well I'm having my first appointment with the bariatric surgeon on this coming Monday. I don't even know what my insurance (BC/BS) will require but I'm ready for it. This has been my struggle all my life and I'm ready to go forward. I'm glad I found this forum though. I've been reading and learning alot.

    Anyone have a list of good questions to ask the doctor at my first appointment?
  7. bailey1987
    Thanks for the support!

    We are all in this together.
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