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process of trying protein drinks

  1. rxtech932002
    Im in the process of trying protein shakes. The only one ive found so far is the gnc lean shake and lean 25 that my dietician recommended me. Is there any great tasting protein shakes or bars that are inexpensive and can get locally. I live in WV in the Charleston area.
  2. TiffiJo
    I really like Premier Protien. They have 30g protien! I've also been drinking the Atkins ones. They're not bad at all but only 15g of protein.
  3. Softball2105
    I like the strawberry amplified. I got it at gnc. I'm from the Parkersburg area.
  4. bikrchk
    I liked the milk mixed ones preop but prefer water based now at 11 days out. My current fav is the Syntrex Nectar Lemon Iced tea.
  5. julrs13
    I have been ordering the Syntex Nectar protein mix on Amazon. It is well priced and tastes quite good. They all seem to have 23 gms of protein. Their are a bunch of them to choose from.
  6. OAM
    As far as the bars go - the Quest protein bars are quite good. They are great for on-the-go meal replacements, and I open one and eat bites off of it throughout the day for snacks. Just be sure to add the calories onto your daily total. You can find them in GNC or on line.
  7. thickychicky
    Is Shakology not an option? I am having surgery next week and have been drinking shakology by Beachbody since January. I love it! I have tried several and this is the only one I really enjoy. I usually mix it with Almond or Soy milk (the sugar free vanilla) and natural peanut butter or pb and 1/4 of banana or frozen berries (I know I can't do these in the first month or so) or I take the vanilla and mix it with 1/2 water and 1/2 no pulp low cal OJ. I havn't read where anyone is drinkin this option of Protein shakes so I am a little concerned about continuing them. Any feedback would be great!
  8. joatsaint
    I vote for Premier Protein chocolate, with EAS carb control chocolate a close 2nd. I found them during my pre-op diet and haven't drank anything else since.
  9. butterfly2013
    Unjury products from my surgeons office which is great so I don't have to pay for shipping. You can also buy from unjury online or amazon. I have tried the vanilla, chocolate splender, strawberry, unflavored and chicken soup. All are good! Something weird, you can't heat the chicken soup above 140 degrees or it will become clumpy and disgusting. I put the vanilla & chocolate in pudding mixes. Some recipes
    Recipe for Samoa Protein Shake
    1 c skim milk
    1 scoop chocolate unjury
    1 T Carmel sugar free syrup (I used Torani brand)
    1 T Coconut sugar free syrup (I used Torani brand)

    Recipe for Orange Dreansicle
    1 c skin milk
    1 scoop vanilla Unjury
    1 packet orange crystal light (that you use in a water bottle)
    couple ice cubes
  10. skinny2be
    Pro complex. 60 grams of protein!!! I love the vanilla in my nutra bullet with a hand full of berries and vanilla almond milk!!!
  11. MinxCJS
    Muscle milk light, lactose free. Premade sells at costco and muscle maker.
  12. KWKIKI
    We can have berries? I thought that was a No No for like 6 months because of all the little seeds?
  13. bigworm882001
    I drink the GNC Wheybolic extreme 60 shake. I use mootopia milk so I take in 72g of protein for breakfast. This does the job for me. I then have either fish or chicken for dinner and I've taken in all of my protein for the day. The rest of the day I focus on getting all of my water in.

    I'm a Team Beach Body coach so I've tried all of the Shakeology stuff and it's pretty good but doesn't compete with the GNC shake I use as far as taste goes.

    I've tried them all and if you want something that doesn't have a bad aftertaste give it a try.
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