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IVC Filter

  1. Ladeegee
    Good Evening,

    I posted this earlier somewhere else but maybe I should have posted it here. I'm a little apprehensive about the IVC Filter that the doctor wants placed prior to surgery. Has anyone had it done? Does it hurt? Will they put me to sleep? The surgeon is requiring it in order to prevent bloodclots traveling to my lungs. Any information about this would be helpful.

  2. Luann
    Haven't had it done, although I've prepped a lot of patients or given aftercare for patients having them placed, or removed.
    Usually conscious sedation - not under general anesthesia. They will place an IV, and monitor you closely, and keep you comfortable. Likely very drowsy and although there may be a little discomfort, likely you will be too sleepy to care.

    Having a blood clot go to your lungs is terribly dangerous, definitely worth having the filter if your doctor thinks you are at high risk.
  3. Kathysangels
    I haven't had it done either. I did a quick check on it and found out it is placed to keep blood clots from forming for those who are at high risk.

    I know for me it is easier if I can talk to someone who has had a procedure done, or maybe watch a video of someone. Because of this you may be interested in a video of a woman who had bariatric surgery who had one placed:


    And another one:

    and another video of someone who had it removed after her surgery:


    and one more:


    Now, as a disclaimer - I haven't watched these, so you will have to make your own judgement accordingly. But to me, they all seem to be doing well.

    Good luck as you begin this journey!

  4. Ladeegee
    Thanks so much ladies! I looked at several videos this morning Kathy. And Luann your description of the procedure really put me at ease. I find it amusing that this procedure almost made me change my mind about going through with the gastric sleeve. I guess it's the idea of going through an extra procedure.

    Thanks again!
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