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since I am at only about a 32 bmi at age 46, my family members to include mother

  1. ssgrock3
    is very against surgery. My sister who is sleeved understands, but eveyone else says run it off, eat clean, blah blah blah...if taco mayo had good food that was clean I would eat it. I love tacos, salsa , and the further I run , the more I like them. Also for the distance runners, any trouble getting your calories while out multi hour or day runs?
  2. Think
    I started with a low-BMI as well, 34.7.

    I do not run, I walk, do some Zumba as well as some barre exercises for toning. I am almost at 4.5 months out. If I am eating solid, dense food I can still only get in 2.5 or 3 ounces total in. If I am eating something lighter or a soup/yogurt I can get in 5-6 ounces at a time. I have no difficulty getting m fluid in, and because of the limited volume and the fact that I miss vegetables I still drink 1 or 2 protein drinks per day.

    Best wishes to you!
  3. mrsjoe
    I have a BMI around 32.5 and I'm having my surgery here in Utah in 3 days. The statistic I keep hearing is that people in the 30-35 range have the same 5% chance of losing the weight and keeping it off as the rest of the obesity classes. Basically, you might be able to take the weight off through exercise, but the odds are you couldn't keep it off.

    For me, I felt I might "only" be mildly obese, but I was on the same trajectory my mom took and she is at least 350 lbs now. It seems like it might be easier to stop the weight gain in its track now than when I've gotten much bigger.

    Good luck on your decision. And remember, you don't really need your mom's buy-in on your surgery if you decide to go that way.
  4. laquina24
    I am 235 pounds my surgery is scheduled for April 14. My husband and I are doing this together he will be going in this week. I have a low BMW as we'll I am 37 and just don't want to get any bigger. I have no problem working out but tired of not seeing results.
  5. Everette985
    I agree my BMI fluxs between 32 and 33. I'm sick of the yo to diets. My procedure is Apr 18th
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