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  1. jsurles
    I am new to this group, my weight is 253.4 I am currently awaiting insurance approval for the gastric sleeve. It is a frustrating time, I have NO doubts about having the surgery. I am stressing about the insurance. I have done everything requested of me, went for my 6 months of supervised diet, BUT, my very first visit my bmi was 39.7, (the appointment was very early in the am and I didn't eat breakfast) My insurance says a bmi of 40. so I am very stressed over this. I have no idea how long an answer will be. Dr office says it could be any where from 4-8 weeks, averaging about 3wks. Insurance says about 14 days. Wish everyone would get on the same page.
  2. a2twinsnanny
    do you have any comorbidities at all? Well what was your bmi during the 6 month diet. I'm sure your doctor submitted the paperwork so that you would look as heavy as possible. They want you to get approved just as much as you do since they want to get paid!
    Don;t stress, everything works out for a reason
  3. Aquajog
    I think doctors always give a longer time frame ..because they add the time they think it will take them to get everything together for the insurance company . The insurance company is most likely saying the time it usually takes them to process and make a decision. My case / worker advocate through the Bariatric program said 3-4 weeks .. So I started my wait .. And I waited .. Over a month never heard anything .. Finally contacted her . She said she thought she would have heard something .. The next day I called insurance company .. Imagine my surprise when I was told ""We just recieved it today 'l
    She said she sent it earlier . Insurance said they did not recieve anything . I did get an approval 1 week after insurance recieved it !
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