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Hi everyone!

  1. SleevedRN
    I have had difficulty finding people in their 20s who have had the sleeve so I created this group. Please share your journey, progress, questions, and answers here! Thanks for joining!
  2. Traci
    Hi, I haven’t been sleeved yet but planning to in early March 2014. I’m taking a 12 week class prior to learn about healthy eating habits and how the surgery will change my body and mind. I’m doing well in the learning process and have lost some weight on my own (so far) but counting down the days until March. I’m looking forward to being healthy in the new year.
  3. jolund01
    This is great! I didn't know anyone my age who had the sleeve. I am two months post op and am doing well. I had a rough start with some other unrelated medical complications. I am still nauseous sometimes, even before eating or drinking. And I burp alot! Food and drink.I'm hoping this gets better with time?
  4. ybeach
    I go on the 25th for the surgery, I'm worried bout how everything is going to effect my families life.
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