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Did you pay everything in pesos?

  1. CookieHead
    Wondering if I have to pay everything in pesos...
    Also where's the best/ most convenient place to exchange the currency? When I land at San Diego airport? Usually I go to the ATM at the airport but since I'm not landing in Mexico, do I just go to an exchange kiosk at the airport?
  2. Deb123
    No they had me pay by credit card in U.S. Dollars ahead of arriving. They should provide all payment requirements by email for you.
  3. Kindle
    Everyplace I went accepted US dollars (Walmart, GNC, local shops at Avenude Revolucion, local restaurant). They give you change in pesos, though. I used all my leftover pesos as part of my tip for my driver at the end of the trip.
  4. Think
    I never converted any money, paid in USD, received peso's as change and left them as a tip (except for the one my son retained as a keepsake.)
  5. BelindaK
    I paid using my Visa card. Fraud protection and it converted without a fee.
  6. elongwa
    I paid with Paypal ahead of time so I was paid in full prior to arrival. There was a gal there who paid with a credit card, but her cc company gave her problems and took three hours to approve payment. She had put a $4500 payment on it before leaving home and they weren't going to release the funds for her.
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