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Hello ladies

  1. shemarie
    Goodness gracious, I am so excited to have found this group. I knew that there had to be a PCOS presence, but I just hadn't found it. I was sleeved on 1/14/14. One of my ultimate goals is to get rid of my PCOS symptoms and be a mommy! I know it is a long way from here, but I hope that there is now a light at the end of the tunnel!
  2. slags68
    I have PCOS too. (I had my surgery the day before you)

    Have you had your monthly visitor yet? I am wondering how the surgery will effect mine. Haven't had one yet since.
  3. shemarie
    I have consistently low iron, so I am on birth control to only have 4 periods a year. Well, I didn't take my bc while I was in the hospital and started about 3 days after. Bad timing for bloating and cramps!
  4. MADR
    I had one last month that last 10 days!
  5. jolund01
    I also used the sleeve to help with my PCOS so that hopefully sometime soon my husband and I can start trying. I too am on birth control right now so I can't tell if it's working. But I know I was irregular before all the weight so who knows. Ladies, let's hope all of this works!
  6. nrsmidwife
    Hello to All!
    I haven't been sleeved yet.. doing all the pre-op appointments right now. I also have PCOS and I am so eager to be sleeved! I am done having children.. I have 3 little girls... and that's enough For me, the sleeve is about getting healthier, and decreasing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease...which, with PCOS, we are sooo much more likely to develop one day. I am pre-diabetic and hypertensive, so it is time to get the weight off and get healthy so I can enjoy life with my 3 precious gifts
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