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Hello All

  1. LBurtie
    Hello All! I hope this message finds you doing well. I wanted to extend a warm welcome to everyone. I think it is important we all show support to each other and the fact that we have the same surgeon gives us something we can bond over. I realize Dr. Jay has patients from all over the nation but if you are in Texas perhaps we can set up a time to meet and encourage each other. Just a thought. Let me know what you think.
  2. lch0007
    That sounds awesome! I have my surgery in a few weeks and I'm so nervous. I know support is going to be super important! I'm in Fort Worth, but could meet anywhere in the metroplex.
  3. kj44
    how r u doin? i hope all is going well. i am doing good. still cant get the shakes down but otherwise ....was glad to start on the soups..even if pureed and strained lol. cant wait for the soft foods. i havent had to take any of my pain meds or the nausea meds..was glad too. one weird note..tap water smells like a fish tank to me now...and the only water that doesnt taste like metal is fiji.....hoping that goes away...its pricey.....let me know hoe u r doing! best to u!
  4. clau1tx
    hello all, I am also a patient of Dr Jay. I am hoping to get sleeved in July. My insurance has that horrible 6 month waiting period but its actually helping me get mentally and physically prepared for the surgery I am getting super excited and a little scared at the same time but this website and some people I work with, including a patient of Dr Jay's, that have had weight loss surgery have been huge help. Getting together sounds awesome by the way Yall keep up the good work and happy losing
  5. LBurtie
    Hello group! It's been too long. How is everyone doing so far? I'm 9 months out and loving my sleeve but my weight loss is at a creepy crawl. Uggh.
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